The Academic Year has three terms.

March to May
July to October
November to February
  • • There is an examinationat the end of each term and Progress Reports will be issued accordingly.
  • • No test will be preponed or postponed. No examination will be conducted for absentees. In case of illness, the final result will be considered and decided on the basis of the term’s work and the general performance of the pupil during the year.
  • • Absence from one or more papers involves loss of marks in these papers and hence excludes such students from being reckoned in the order of merit or rank or prizes etc.
  • • Results once declared at the end of the year is final and binding and will not be reconsidered, nor answer papers will be shown to anybody.
  • • A student who resorts to unfair means or receives or gives assistance in any form during test will be given zero marks in the subject along with a warning letter. Repetition of similar acts will result in expulsion.
  • • Anyone found indulging in any malpractice during an examination is liable to be debarred from further examinations.
  • • Criteria for promotion after final examination shall be a minimum of 40% of the aggregate marks obtained by the candidate in all the papers and examinations besides the internal assessment made by the school.
  • • If re -evaluation is sought and allowed, Rs.300/- as fee will be charged for each answer sheets along with a written application by the parents to the effect.
  • • ICSE Evaluation criteria for promotion will be strictly followed for the students of 8th, 9th and 10th standards.
  • • To be promoted to a higher class, pass mark in English is compulsory as the school's medium of instruction is English and shall conform to ICSE evaluation criteria.