The Diocese of Jalandhar is an association registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 wide no. 134 of 1957-1958. The objects of the association is to render works of charity - Spiritual and Corporal, to diffuse social, moral, religious and secular knowledge through its various religious, charitable and educational institutions. In view of the Diocese having to own and manage a number of Kindergartens, Primary Schools, High Schools and Higher Secondary Schools both in English and local language mediums in Punjab and Himachal Pradesh under the dynamic leadership of His Excellency Rt. Dev. Dr. Anil Jose, the Bishop of the Diocese of Jalandhar, one of the main objectives of the Diocese is to spread quality education to every nook and corner of these States.

The Diocese has these primary centers not only in cities, but also in the remote villages where Educational rights of people are neglected and ignored due to many reasons. It attempts in its own humble way, to further the progress of our Nation, which is possible only if ALL CITIZENS are freed from bondage of ignorance. For the general administration and the smooth functioning of these institutions a "Diocesan Board of Education" has been constituted. All the educational, managerial and administrative policies are framed by this Board in consultation with the Directors and Principals (who are the over all in- Charges of particular educational institutions of different places are concerned) of its various member institutions.