“CHARITY IN TRUTH”, to which Jesus Christ bore witness by his earthly life and especially by his death and resurrection is the principal driving force behind the authentic development of every person and all humanity. -Pope Benedict XVI

My warm and prayerful greetings, to the ACS Family.

First of all, let me thank our God Almighty for guiding us through every moment of the past five decades.

His grace was felt ever since the school was established in May 1973 through our late Bishop Symphorian Keeprath to imbibe the Indian culture and ethos for the building of a harmonious society, irrespective of faith, language, caste, sex, etc, and awaken a sense of eco-consciousness and love for nature. Subsequently, ACS has been an integral part of our society in transforming our students into conscientious, disciplined, and compassionate individuals. We aim at empowering the children by providing them motivational and spiritual background where they learn active participation and are encouraged to explore, express, belong and influence. They are made to feel valued and cared for. They remain humble while building skills and competencies that will enable them to function and contribute to the welfare of their fellow beings and thereby our society.

Let us accept our responsibilities as ‘Parents’ at school and you as ‘Teachers’ at home to nurture the young minds to enable their talents, strength, and goodness to fructify. Enable our child to learn the lessons of love, kindness, faith, and truth. To secure all that is best in the education of children, the maximum cooperation and support of parents are desired. Let us all cooperate in this noble endeavor.

Warm Regards,
Sr. Elsa Maria