Assumption perceives each of its students, as free man and woman of our pluralistic society, who through one’s thought process and human engagement contribute towards a more integrated, rational, egalitarian and caring society.

Assumption students, once framed out, will be filled with confidence and shall be life-long learners and risk-takers and shall be actively initiating and partaking in all responsibilities in which they will be entrusting with.

They are also equipped to acquire the ability to perform complex thinking and problem solving techniques which in turn will enable them to qualitatively improve products and processes that concerns the Society they belong to.

Driven by this personal conviction to make a difference, each student strives towards : Promoting academic excellence, through critical thinking and active learning in the classrooms aided by a well qualified and well trained faculty and state of the art technology made available in the campus.

The School aims at advancing and fostering intellectual environment in the Institution and promotes social pursuits and inquisitiveness to develop leadership and brotherhood. Augmenting students’ self-confidence and encouraging them to take up responsibilities and drive innovation through classroom experimentations, collaborative leadership and acquisition of positive attitude by participation in activities, sports, clubs and students-faculty projects etc are incorporated in the curriculum of the School.

Assumption as a reputed institution of learning engage students at the integral development of whole person, enlightened leadership, social responsibility and commitment to nation building. Over the years, the School has built an image of its own, excelled in the field of education and has striven to produce dynamic and socially useful citizens to the Country respecting all castes, creeds, religions and nationalities and above all upholding the core values of human dignity and mutual coexistence in the name of God and humanity.