The current circumstances we live in are unknown to us all and they bring a lot of uncertainties and new challenges with them. For this reason I would like to express my gratitude to you all dear parents, students and staff and management for the kind and supportive cooperation during this unprecedented time of covid-19. I personally believe that ACS community has helped to create an even bigger feeling of community –building during this moments of chaos and confusion and above all separation from our beloved ones of time and space. I trust that you are taking care of yourself and helping your family well in this crisis time. As you are all aware we have successfully completed our accademical classes for the year 2020-21 on time by streaming the lectures in this pandemic situation. We all have been exposed to a totally different type of education system and its impact on the field of education during pandemic. One is forced to spend time mostly at home, even if the lockdown is removed, due to a similar post lockdown scenario. But I am sure you are spending your time very well in the midst of your loving family and exploring it fully in all the dimensions it offers. Perhaps none of us have ever realized that we will be facing a pandemic such as covid-19 it will pose so much of uncertainty, change our lives so much and raise questions about the post pandemic situation. It has taught the world many things within the last two months. It made us realize that there are so many gaps in our sciences and technology developments despite so many advances; there is no divide along the lines of economic status.

Aside from all these we have witnessed that the academic program has continued to be best possible particularly in the efforts to implement the academic elements of the study without any failure. We realize how much extra work it must have been to set up the programs of the study with utmost care and concern. So I on behalf of the entire ACS management acknowledge and appreciate the herculean task you all undertook putting yourself in danger and getting it done at the right time. May God bless all your endeavors to go forward to motivate not only yourself but the minds of the young ones to face challenges and vicissitudes in life with courage and conviction.

As we step into another academic year 2021-22 we have so many challenges ahead to combat with the unseen tiny molecule which has damaged the entire world in all its spheres. There are realization about the strengths of our age old time tested traditional practices, need for scripting a service oriented motive for life, scaling of the manufacturing of low cost health care equipment, democratization of manufacturing and robust public distributions systems. Above all it is established once again that even simple innovations can be the key to big success. It may also call for changes and reorientation in human resource requirements, outlook towards the careers, the career options and destinations. On the flip side there lie several opportunities too and the system always adopts though it takes some time.

At this present juncture let me go little farther, there are ample opportunities for ACS to prove its time tested and challenges faced during this pandemic and it is here a call to show some more directions to the world. For the ACS to make such contributions and relive its glorious past all of us have a scope and responsibility and I am sure that you would like to carve out a role for you in this endeavor amidst the diverse opportunities. May you all have very safe secure year ahead!!!

Warm regards
Fr. Titus P.T