The ACS has just completed its golden journey and is striving towards the threshold of progress and innovation continuing with the same enthusiasm and vigor with which it has completed 50 glorious years. I take this solemn occasion to appreciate and acknowledge the whole hart cooperation of the people of Abohar for journeying towards this milestone. The management looks ahead for your valuable cooperation as you have decided to place your confidence in the entire management for the years to come and we appreciate you for having made a choice to put your ward into this prestigious institution which has brought laurels not only to the city of Abohar but to the world at large.

The ACS has and is playing its vital role on the overall developments of the wards of the area that makes a decision to be a part of this reputed institution for integral development of the every student under our dedicated and committed staff with a strong support of the management. The Acs family continues to create young minds to compete with competency hidden in the inner being of our young minds identified and realized by inevitable role of teachers. The ACS has magnanimously maintained its steady growth strengthening the motto such as wisdom, virtue and knowledge which are the three major pillars of modern society. Let us avail our young minds of ours to have an integral growth of value based education that will imbibe in the destiny created by them with the provided eco friendly campus to nurture from their entry to our campus. Dear parents I wish to appreciate for having placed confidence in our management to give us a role in sculpting the character of your beloved children making them heralds of brotherhood, harmony and peace.

Once again we the management proudly welcomes your ward to our ACS family and promise that these wards of yours will definitely make history while they themselves create their destiny with the entire ACS family. Stay blessed and God bless you !!

Warm regards
Fr. Titus P.T