Assumption Convent School, Abohar, is a Catholic School, owned, established and administered by the "Diocese of Jalandhar, Registered with Religious and Charitable Society", a Christian minority undertaking. This is an English Medium School, Under the ICSE syllabus, New Delhi and was established in 1973 by the Diocese of Jalandhar under the patronage and guidance of Founder, Late Rt. Rev. Dr. SymphorianKeeprath, the then Bishop of Jalandhar. Rt. Rev. Dr. Franco Mulakkal, the Present Bishop of the Diocese of Jalandhar and the President of Diocese of Jalandhar Registered Charitable Society is the patron of the school. The Diocese of Jalandhar is a Catholicchristian Minority Religious and Charitabl Society registered under the Society, Registration Act XXI of 1860 vide no. 134 of 1957-1958, enjoying all the right and privileges granted to the minorities enshrined Article 29 and 30 of the Indian Constitution. Although it is owned and managed by a Religious minority community with primary objective of serving it's own minority Christian community, admission to this school is opened to the boys and girls of all the communities who wish to get ICSE education without any prejudices. Every Student who gets admitted to this school is encouraged to admire, foster and practice equality and family spirit as the children of one God. Every Child in this institution is encouraged to follow his/her own religion with an emphasis on Love for Humanity. This school provides quality education to dispel the darkness of ignorance from the life of the new generation and to prepare them for a better value based glorious future.

For the general administration of the educational institutions of the Diocese of Jalandhar, a "Diocesan Board of Education" has been constituted. All the educational, managerial and administrative policies are made by this board in consultation with Director, Principals (Who are the overall in charges of educational institutions in a particular place) of its various member institutions.