Principal Message

Education is a matter of heart, which is the centre of one’s personality. Hence the right type of education sets the heart on a track leading it to formation of integrated persons. Education can never be complete unless it promotes character formation of children, inculcate in them values of service, solidarity, compassion and forgiveness, sensitivity to the needs of others, a good teacher- student relationship and finally care of the earth.

In a rapidly transforming world, Assumption Convent has taken upon a responsibility of preparing children to face up to any challenge that the future may throw before them. Learning to work and live together, being proactive to enhance the natural environment, respecting multi-culturalism and diverse faiths, strengthening democratic ideals and contributing to common good are some of the aspects that have come to be of enormous significance for schools in a global scenario. To meet these aims our school moves towards a holistic perception of the child’s development.

By nurturing all the three domains of human personality i.e. the cognitive, the affective and the connective, and by catering to multiple intelligence in a continuous manner our school becomes able to create complete human beings. Creative and critical thinking , decision making, communication skills, working in a team and responsible behaviour are certain aspects that are developed by providing appropriate opportunities for the children by the school. We are positive behaviour learning school, focusing on teaching students the expected behaviors.

Dear parents, the best gift you can give to your children is your quality time , time for listening , understanding , guiding and playing . Your life is an open book in front of your children.