Aims & Objective

The primary aim of the school is to impart quality education to Catholic students designed for the all round development of the child. Pupils of other faiths are also admitted with all freedom to pursue their faith in dignity and respect. The students are groomed to prepare themselves for their future duties by careful cultivation of their minds and hearts. They will be guided to be enlightened intellectually, morally, socially, professionally and spiritually. True to the motto of the School, special emphasis is laid for the practice of virtues like respect for others, truthfulness, honesty, politeness, simplicity, self discipline and orderliness in true spirit of patriotism and divine wisdom. 

To appreciate the rich and varied heritage of India and it's ethos, to cherish the cultural and religious harmony amidst diversity and feel peace and proud in our feat as a great Nation shall be the ‘sine qua non’ of every alumnus we churn out. The School also helps awaken a sense of Eco consciousness and love and respect for conservation and preservation of nature in the conscience of every pupil.