School Band

A band group of 100 students who display their music skill with brass and percussion instruments. They represent their vigorous energy, youthfulness since of discipline with a decent uniform.

English Lab

Hardware equipment's with microphones, earphones to enhance their communication skills. Increase their efficiency for learning and speaking i.e. soft skills. Learn to pronounce, two way communication


Well ventilated with capacity of 300 students.
Seminars related to upliftment of Moral Behavior of pupil are conducted..
Cultural events are held..

School Library:

It goes without saying that library is the soul of the school. The school has a will stocked library, which is housed in a large. Properly ventilated, air-conditioned, well lit and will furnished hall with comfortable furniture. The school subscribes regularly to a large number of journals, magazines and news papers to broaden the mental horizon of the students.

Mini Theater Hall

  1. To watch moral stories (Audio & Visual aid)
  2. Movies that modify children behavior and help in overall personality development.
  3. Source of Recreation cartoon movies.
  4. CDs related to curriculum that enhances their learning & memorizing abilities.

Dance Room:

Medical Room:

Music Room: