Labs & Laboratory

The School Library :  It goes without saying that library is the soul of any educational institution. The school has a well stocked library with sufficient subscriptions of reputed magazines and journals, housed in a state of the art building with properly ventilated, air-conditioned, well lit and provided with a spacious hall with all comfortable furnitures and environment needed for a serious user. The school subscribes regularly to a large number of journals, periodicals and News Papers to broaden and sharpen the mental horizon and ability of the students .

English Lab :  Hardware equipment's with microphones and earphones are provided in the Lab to enhance the pupils’ inter se communication skills. The Lab also has a collection of essential gadgets meant to increase their efficiency for learning and speaking i.e. soft skills. Children are also exposed to sessions of proper pronunciations and two way communication experiments etc.

Physics Lab :  Scientific equipments for measuring mass, weight, Magnetic field, Archimedes principle, prisms, glass slabs and a host of facilities to carry out experiments on ohms law, other electric circuit experiments etc are provided in the Physics Lab. Charts and photographs showing various scientists and their achievements are also displayed prominently and explained vividly on the walls. The supplies of day to day stationeries, personnels and staff needed for the children in the smooth conduct of their scientific pursuits are promptly ensured and supplied.

Chemistry Lab :  Well equipped lab with necessary chemicals and equipments in proper ventilation is provided. Facility to carryout chemical tests, qualitative analysis, Visual Aids, 3D-model, charts from organic and inorganic compounds, CD’s etc are available. All precautions of security and safety is safeguarded in the Lab.

Biology Lab :  Well furnished and well ventilated biology lab with colorful charts, attractive models, specimens and permanent slides, technologically advanced microscopes etc are ensured. To impart practical knowledge well preserved specimen for dissection and dissection kits are also provided.

School Band :  The School is proud to have a band group of 100 students who display their music skills with brass and percussion instruments. They represent and demonstrate their vigorous energy, youthfulness, a sense of discipline and all in attractive, decent uniforms. 


1 . The School is fortunate to have a spacious and well ventilated Auditorium with a seating capacity of about 300 students.

2 . The Auditorium facilitates various seminars and meetings related to upliftment of Moral Behavior of pupil, discourses of experts in various fields of personal and academic interests of students are organised.

3 . Besides, cultural events aimed at promoting the innate talents of children are a regular future here. Other professional teams, activity events, music troupes etc are also featured here.

Mini Theater Hall

1. The School also have a mini theatre hall where small gatherings are arranged. Through Audio Visual Aids moral stories are exhibited to the benefit of the children.

2. Movies that modify children’s behavior and helping in overall personality development are also often arranged.

3. Source of Recreation, cartoon movies etc are also exhibited.

CDs related to curriculum that enhances their learning & memorizing abilities etc are arranged.

Hostel : The school has a well maintained Hostel facility for students managed by dedicated and experienced sisters of Franciscan Clarist Congregation (for girls) and a boys Hostel run by dedicated Priests of CST(Congregation of St. Therese). Separate Hostel prospectus can be had from the Hostel between 10.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m.